iPhone 5C manufacturer criticised for labour violations

Jordan O'Brien
September 6, 2013

China Labour Watch, a human rights group, has criticised Jabil Circuit for its apparent labour violations.

According to the group, Jabil Circuits has not paid its workers for overtime, apparently owing millions in wages.

Apple’s iPhone 5C is just one of the products that Jabil Circuits, an American company, is supposedly working on.

It has been said that the company has been forcing workers to stand for 11 hours a day, whilst only permitting them a 30 minute lunch break.

The company has also been criticised for the in-existence of an adequate training program for its employees.

Other criticisms included discriminating against pregnant women and people with tattoos, fire escapes which are unclear and mandatory overtime.

Jabil Circut is just the latest Apple supplier who has been involved in a labour rights scandal, with Foxconn supposedly driving some workers to commit suicide.

Apple has responded to a request to comment from AllThingsD, reassuring consumers that it is taking the report seriously and has begun investigating the claims.

Apple is committed to providing safe and fair working conditions throughout our supply chain. We lead the industry with far-reaching and specialized audits, the most transparent reporting and educational programs that enrich the lives of workers who make our products. Apple is the first and only technology company to be admitted to the Fair Labor Association, and we are dedicated to protecting every worker in our supply chain.

Jabil also said it was “troubled” by the allegations and that the well being of its employees is its “priority.”

We are disheartened that there are allegations that we are not living up to our own standards, yet we are proud of the progress we’ve made in ensuring every Jabil employee is treated with dignity and respect and provided the opportunity for personal and professional growth.

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