Huawei isn’t interested in buying Blackberry, is anyone?

Jordan O'Brien
September 6, 2013

Blackberry may be up for sale, but Huawei isn’t looking to buy the struggling Canadian company, which is hoping to sell by November.

When the Wall Street Journal claimed that Blackberry had already spoken to potential buyers, all eyes were on Huawei after the report claimed that at least one was based in Asia.

Now however, Chen Lifang, a member of Huawei’s board of directors, has rebuffed claims that it is looking at buying Blackberry, telling Reuters “we want to rely on ourselves.”

It’s a bold move from Huawei whose chairman Richard Yu had previously told the Financial Times that he was interested in making acquisitions, and the company was even linked to a possible Nokia buyout.

HTC has also been rumoured as possible acquisition target for Huawei, but that too proves to be unfounded, at least according to Lifang.

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