SkullCandy Ink’d Wireless Headphones- Review

Stephen Watson
September 17, 2018

Available from Amazon for £49.99

Skullcandy is a brand with a big reputation in the USA & UK and has sent us 2 sets of headphones to review and the Ink’d Wireless and the Hesh 3. On first impressions, both headphones look great but do they match first impressions.

This review we will be covering the Skullcandy Ink’d Wireless which is the latest in their affordable range of wireless earphones. The Ink’d wireless are available for £49.99 from Amazon so they are at the bottom of the scale in terms of mid-range headphones.

These headphones in terms of design are very similar to my go-to headphones the Sennheiser momentum in-ear wireless – m2 iebt so could the Skullcandy Ink’d wireless pull me away from my favourite headphones?

We in terms of design Skullcandy has used the same collar design however on the first inspection they seemed to be made of a cheap plastic collar that i feel could break if am not to careful. However, I have been using these for my commute for the last week and they seem fine and even storing in my bag they are fine. I would have liked a case to keep them safe but that is not a deal breaker.  I recently took these as my headphones when i was admitted to hospital and the design makes them very comfortable when lying down nothing digs in your neck in fact i feel asleep with them in that how comfortable they are.

The Ink’d Wireless come in a number of different colours such as black, red, white and gray/green. We was sent the gray/green design and they look great the collar is gray with the cables green and the earpiece is a combination of both and with the branding on the side which is a nice touch.  On the collar, the control center is on the left side and consists of buttons- A Plus, Minus and in the center an image of a skull. The centre image is the multifunction control which allows you to turn the music on or off but is also used to answer and cut calls off. The volume controls the plus and minus also let you change tracks which are standard for headphones like these. You will also notice a small green cover at the bottom of the collar under the controls that is where the USB port is housed. The cover is there to add a bit of protection there is also small pinhole for the microphone and you also have the LED light on the other side which is the indicator as to when you turn the headphones on and off and when you pair them with your device. So otherall a good design for headphones just under the £50 mark.

The packaging is where i think there is room for improvement open the book and you have a plastic housing and inside is the cheap plastic is the headphones, USB Charging cable and two pairs of different size  silicone eartips. The only thing maybe they could improve is offer a carry case.

The all important set up and performance i used these on my OnePlus 5T and in terms of set up simply hold the middle button marked with a skull for a couple of seconds and you’re see a blue light on the LED light and they are on. To connect hold the same button for a few seconds and the LED will flash red and blue and that will help you use your smartphone to pair with the device.

 In terms of performance these headphones do pack a punch pick a song with some powerful bass such as “Alice Merton- No Roots”, the Ink’d Wireless delivers some intense base and even by cranking up the volume we get no distort to the bass which is great compared to others in the same price range. So If a huge base is important and you are happy with the flex collar design these are well worth considering.

Now being What Mobile you the readers want to know what it’s like taking phone calls. Well i have taken about a dozen calls on the Ink’d Wireless and calls are quite clear and moving around in other rooms to your phone made not difference which with other headphones i had signal issues.  The Ink’d Wireless pose no such problem and for headphones under £100 hats off to SkullCandy.

The battery life is where this really show their worth. The Manufacture claimed up to 8 hours and recently i had to go into hospital overnight so i checked to see if they really did hit 8 hours and was surprised they lasted the whole night as i hate hospitals so they were a great comfort i simply put The Greatest Showman Album on and they really did last all night over 10 hours which considering i could not sleep they were a godsend.

As for the comfort factor, i could not complain some headphones hurt my ears but these were great. The Eartips provide a passive noise isolation and in a hospital, with the noise that comes on a ward, these were great to have. In terms of using them for exercise the earbuds fit perfectly and with the collar design being so light then the odd bounce won’t bother you. If these are just for the daily trip to work you will love using them.

In terms of a few negatives yes there are a few to mention. There do not have water resistance and more important sweat resistance and for someone who sweats like i’m wearing a coat on a desert i was a little disappointed.

Overall. If you just want a pair of everyday earbuds and are looking for a simple but stylish pair for under about £50 and dont mind the collar design and want a fantastic base  then go for it buy these lovely little earbuds with the cable design they are worth £49.99 if you ask me.

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