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September 24, 2018

Available from Amazon for £119.99 

Recently here at What Mobile I have been lucky to be introduced to many new brands and one of them being the US Brand 1More and we have been lucky to get a chance to review the brand new Triple Driver BT In-Ear Headphones.

Now they look great and what the main difference is gone is the two type cable material that I have campaigned for them to remove and in is the collar design similar to my go-to headphones the Sennheiser M2 IEBT. and they use a plastic cable to the headphones just like the Sennheisers.

The main difference is the design of the collar with 1More going for a more flexible rubber collar compared the leather more ridge design that comes with the Sennheiser.  

When you open the box as with the Dual Driver In-Ear headphones which was my first experience with 1More the presentation and the accessories really put these headphones on a different level the box is simply stunning and what more you got 8 extra ear-tips in different sizes so there something for everyone. There is even a bag to keep them in when you’re on the move and not using them.

In regards to design, the main benefit of the collar design is all the weight and the location of the controls are in the neckband allowing the headphones to play sweet music. As with most neckband designs the control panel is on the left and these are no different. They are surprisingly light compared to my Sennheiser and even with the use of metal alloy on the bottom of each side. The rubber material that acts as the collar was light and half the time I forgot I had it on.  I even tested these on my future father in law who by his standard he finds getting headphones a real challenge to get a good fit found them a great fit and found these to be great to use.

The hardware that gives these headphones its great sound as in headphones are basically the same Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones we have reviewed here (LINK). However, they have improved in the following areas.  They now use a high-resolution Bluetooth and backs this up with LDAC transmission technology that allows the audio to be streamed at 990 kbps now you know LDAC is not a feature that works on iPhone.

With that said 1More have introduced the use of AAC within the technology but it’s limited to 250kbps. Still not a bad level at all and for the average user they won’t know the difference but that was for the tech geeks in the room and your welcome.

I have used these on my OnePlus 5T so benefited from the full power.  Just in case all of this has blown your mind consider this 1More have done something that no one is doing and that bring the Triple Drives to a mid-range price market. Something not long ago you would have had to pay a premium. So sound quality with 1More you really have scored considering the price your paying here less than £150 for quality sound!

What I really like with these headphones is the noise cancellation that allows you to reduce noise by 15 dB with the use of the ENC technology but with the design of the headphone, it creates a great seal in your ear which also adds to the noise cancellation.

In terms of the sound quality, you get such sweet deep bass with 0% distortion and also keeping the mids and highs crystal clear even at high volume when using Bluetooth something others have failed to deliver.

In terms of music to really get these to fly, I used my go-to track for reviews which is Alice Merton No Roots and the mids and highs are simply fantastic and when the bass kicks in the sound are simply fantastic.

Now for the battery life and am sorry but this is the only negative i have it says that you get 7 hours of use but I would have to question this after just a couple of hours of use I get a medium battery warning and then they went flat a couple of hours later so I got 4 & Half which was disappointing considering everything else about these headphones are simply great . On the bright side, you get a full battery from just 1-hour charge.

So overall, I love the design and the time taken to make the sound quality something I come to expect with this brand. Yes, I was disappointed with the battery life but if you can look past that for £165 they are a great pair of headphones. I am glad they have taken note of the design and with the introduction of the collar design they are a great choice for anyone looking for headphones like these and with the design of the headphone they fit in the ear perfectly and do not fall out or the need to adjust all the time. However, I think I need to use these more to decide if I would swap them with my go-to Sennheiser pair.

If you’re looking for great sound and a nice design you could get a lot worse and with the triple driver technology, these are well worth £119.99

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