iPhone Case round up – Part 2

Stephen Watson
September 29, 2018

As you know recently Apple brought out 3 brand new phones the shape of the XS, XS Max & the XR. Now we recently did a case review but we had so many different companies get in contact we had to do a new one. So here is our picks to keep you iPhone nice and safe.

First up is US Case Maker Silk: 

Check out the website:

Kung Fu Grip

Key Features: Super Grippy Texture with just the right amount of grip meaning fewer toilet drops! Ultra-Slim & Durable Construction Thin and protected-  Protective Air-Pocket Corners Think airbags for your iPhone.  Cost $14.99 via Amazon


Key Features: Clear Frosted Finish Even your iPhone looks better with a filter. Slim Protection & Superior Grip The protective glass slipper of the iPhone era. Protective Air-Pocket Corners Think airbags for your iPhone.  Cost: $14.99 via Amazon

Keeper of things


Key Features: Fits 4 Cards Plus Cash And anything else you can wedge in the pockets. Full Protection & Security Band Like a stylish bear hug for your phone. Folding Kickstand Props up iPhone to watch videos. Includes Free Wrist Strap Look mom, no hands Cost: $14.99 via Amazon

Next up is Nodus Collection

Nodus is a UK based company producing a range of slim, high quality and well designed everyday accessories including iPhone cases with unique features. The cases have received excellent reviews across the board and maintain both the functionality and aesthetic of the iPhone. Available via:

The Access Case III

The Access Case III features Micro-Suction technology which eliminates the need for unsightly clips and cradles whilst providing an ultra-strong bond with the phone. This affords unobstructed access to all ports and features without leaving any residue on the phone case. A utility pocket allows storage of 3 cards plus cash and is versatile enough to carry most other daily essentials. Available for £39.99

The Shell Case II

The minimalist, ultra-slim design of the Shell Case II offers a shock-absorbing polycarbonate core and an innovative Micro Dock. Magnetically mount your iPhone virtually anywhere with confidence, knowing that the built-in shielding materials protect the phone from magnetic fields and maintain full functionality of all features and apps. Available for £39.99

We Now have Adidas

Adidas launches the Fall/Winter 2018-2019 Originals collection available from

THE CLASSICS RANGEThe true street-style icon is back with the well-known design now also available in clear-sky blue, trace maroon and grey. The snap cases have a suede-like exterior and flexible TPU edges. They feature the iconic three stripes and a debossed Trefoil logo and are available for £24.95.  



Designed to match the legendary Adidas Samba trainers, the two Samba case ranges go back to the roots of streetwise style. The classic Samba range comes with a leather-like exterior and flexible TPU edges, while the Samba Rose cases have a similar construction with luxurious touches such as a snakeskin-embossed leather-like exterior. All the cases feature stitched-on three stripes and a printed Trefoil logo. The Samba Rose snap cases are available for £27.95 in black and pink, while the classic Samba cases sell at £27.95.

Next up is Dutch brand Mujjo

Mujjo is a world-renowned Dutch brand that creates beautifully simple leather travel accessories and makes them accessible. Our designs are reputed for their simplicity, their usefulness and their use of the most premium materials.

Full Leather Wallet Case

A Mujjo original praised for its functionality and form. Designed with fuss-free travel in mind, combining two of your daily carry essentials into one sleek package. The leather wallet case for iPhone X features a leather card pocket – marked by a slant line and stitched to the back – providing an opening sized to fit two to three bank, ID or commuter cards conveniently in one sleek package.

Full Leather Case

If you don’t want to use your iPhone X as a wallet, we’ve still got you covered with the Full Leather Cases for iPhone X. Protect your iPhone in a sleek silhouette, which – like our wallet cases – features a super slim profile, fully leather wrapped with our signature full-grain leather. Costs from EUR ‚¬44.90 ranging up to EUR ‚¬49,90 available from

Next Up Moshi

The new case range, designed to fit today’s modern lifestyle, features a durable yet sleek design. Highlights include two brand new additions to Moshi’s case lineup: Altra, a textured case with a wrist strap for times when one needs to go hands-free; and Capto, a slim case with MultiStrap„¢ that provides a secure grip and also doubles as a kickstand for effortless video viewing. Also brand new is Moshi’s SnapTo magnetic mounting system that allows you to mount your iPhone anywhere. Available from


Altra is a slim hard shell case with a wrist strap that brings unique style and functionality to the new iPhone.  Designed for today’s active lifestyle, the removable wrist strap allows the user to go hands-free for sleek convenience when carrying coffee, boxes, toddlers, pets, etc. It also provides added security when taking photos or walking in crowded spaces. Altra is military-grade drop test certified and features a raised bezel to protect the phone’s screen when laid flat. Compatible with wireless charging, Altra is the ideal case for those seeking stylish functionality and protection in one. 

Altra is available for iPhone XR and XS Max in Shadow Black, Blossom Pink, Mint Green and Savanna Beige and retails from £39.95.


Capto is a slim hard shell case with a proprietary MultiStrap„¢ that brings added functionality to the new iPhone. Designed for an active lifestyle, Capto’s MultiStrap„¢ provides a secure phone grip when on the go. The versatile strap can also be used as a kickstand for hands-free video viewing. Capto is military-grade drop tested and features a raised bezel to protect the screen when laid flat. Compatible with wireless charging, Capto is the ideal case for those seeking stylish functionality and protection in one.

Capto is available for iPhone XS, XR and XS Max in Mulberry Black and Raspberry Pink and retails from £29.95.

Next Up US Company Case-Mate:

An industry leader in stylish mobile accessories. Using premium materials and decadent styles, the cases express individual style without sacrificing fashion for protection. This company offers a lifetime warranty!

Protection Collection – Sheer Crystal (Blush) (NEW)

Sheer Crystal case meets the ultimate 12+ foot drop Protection!  Let the beauty of your device shine through tiny pieces of twinkling glass crystal. Equipped with our new protective construction and anti-scratch technology, you can be sure your device will be safe from any bumps or drops. Price: $39.99, Colors: Blush.

Available on amazon:

Waterfall (Gold)

Shake me, flip me, turn me and let the dynamic snow globe effect of this case captivate you with its cascading sparkle and tumbling glitter. Offering enhanced protection with refined metallic button accents, this case has all the right moves. Compatible with wireless charging.

Price: $39.99, Colors: Gold, Available on amazon:

Karat (Mother of Pearl)

How many karats does one girl need? Answer: just this one! Inspired by the chic Lucite handbags of the 1950s, this case will step up your shine game with genuine materials encased in resin. 10 ft Drop Protection, Compatible with wireless charging, Anti-scratch technology

Price: $49.99, Colors: Mother of Pearl, Available on Amazon:

We hope this gave you options for your next iPhone case. Let us know when you bought via our twitter @whatmobile

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