SkullCandy Hesh 3- Review

Stephen Watson
September 17, 2018

Available from Skullcandy  for £89.99 in Red, Blue, Black, Gray & White

The second of the Skullcandy products we get the review are the Hesh 3 these are overhead wireless headphones. They look great we got the red headphones to review but let’s look into the sound and other elements.

 The design is really great they look really professional and are matte red plastic all over and more importantly nothing looks cheap. They could be seen being more expensive I asked some of the guys in the office and all said they expected to pay over £150 with the design of the packaging and most importantly the design of the headphones make the headphones look expensive. The cups also fold so carrying them makes things better to store in your bag. On the right-hand earphone is where the control panel is based and is made up of 3 buttons a play/pause and the increase and decrease of volume and if you press for 3 seconds it changes a track.  

Am going to get down the the negatives first is the real lack of noise isolation and also the comfort is an issue I am wearing them as I write this and the clamping force feeling you get is too strong and feels like it’s squeezing your brain and can only be worn for a short time before a headache happens. Not what you want for a pair of nearly £100 headphones. I have tried to adjust but the pressure is the same. So personally this is too much a problem for me to make these a purchase.

In terms of features, they only offer one main benefit in the terms of noise cancellation. However, there really are better headphones on the market that don’t make your brain hurt.  Don’t get me wrong they are not the worst headphones we have tried. The basics are covered very well in terms of Bluetooth stability they don’t cut out when you move about. One good thing and if the headphones did not hurt when on the fact you get 22 hours of battery and you get rapid battery charge in just over 1 hour. A bonus when the battery is low you get a voice prompt and can use the cable included switching to a wired connection.

In terms of the sound the bass is where these headphones have been built around and its great. The treble is also super crisp compared to the Ink’d Wireless also by Skullcandy and I would even say better than others brands in a similar price range but with a headache, you will get after a while it seems wasted which, unfortunately.

So overall, sound wise and the look of them are great but the clamp-like feeling crashing your head does not make me what to invest. If they fix this problem you will have a great pair of headphones in your hands.

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