Review: SanDisk iXpand Wireless Charger

Stephen Watson
September 15, 2019

Available from Amazon – 128GB – £69.99 or 256GB for £129.99 

SanDisk are a company that you might know more for there storage products like an SD Card but they have recently brought to market the SanDisk iXpand. 

Looking at this product you might just think its just another wireless charging product but its so much more it doubles up and helps you create a backup for all your pictures, videos and even your phone contacts. 

The design of this product is that it’s bigger than my iPhone X and I have to say I like this as however, I put this phone on charge it will charge. Yes, size-wise its 7×4 inches but the size is not an issue.

The overall design looks good its a got a rubberised anti-scratch surface and also comes with a non-slip base. It comes in white so would not to out of place on my desk at the office or even at home. It also comes with a mains power plug and cable. The cable got a decent length on it. Next, to the power input, you have a micro-USB port for use on your PC but in this review, I did not need to use that. 

To set this up simply take it out of the packaging and download the iXpand charger app this is vital for the backup side of this product. Then simply place your phone on the charger and bingo it will also start charging but won’t back up until you have at least 20% battery. The charging and back up triggered by the Bluetooth connection you have with it. 

This worked for me first time and it has backed up all of my pictures, videos and even contacts. It does take time but I chose to first back up overnight and it worked perfectly by the time I woke up.  What I really like about this product is you can create multiple profiles as long as you have enough storage it can back up the phones of multiple family members if you wish. 

The Unique selling point and what I felt was a great feature is once everything is backed up it offers you the chance to free up space on your device by showing what is taking up most space. You simply tap the free up space button and it allows you to clear any old videos if you want. 

In terms of the charger side of this device, it is a 10w charger and charged my phone at a decent speed and even allowed me to charge it with my Liberty London case by Tech21 on the phone without having to take the case off.

This Device comes in 2 sizes the 128GB model and the 256 GB and cost-wise its £69.99 as of this review on Amazon for the 128GB model and £129.99 for the 256 GB on Amazon correct at time of the review.  It’s expensive for a wireless charger but if you’re looking for something to provide a back up of all your pictures, videos and contacts its a nice idea. However, you could just back up on the cloud for a fraction of the cost.

Overall if you’re looking for a device that can give you a full charge in a decent time and provide a backup and also helps you free up space. It’s a good product to have and I have recently given this to my girlfriend and its worked wonders on her phone as she takes loads of pictures and videos and now she has everything backed up for her to take even more pictures ( woohoo for me)

Available from Amazon – 128GB – £69.99 or 256GB for £129.99 

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