Review: Status Audio BTT-2X

Stephen Watson
September 16, 2019

Available from Amazon for £69

Here at What Mobile, we get to review a wide range of portable audio products due to the fact most us these days simply pop in some earbuds or headphones and enjoy the music and if you’re lucky the ANC to block the outside world out.

In this review, we have put Status Audio under the microscope and see what the Status Audio BTT-2X are all about and if they are worth the $69/£55 they are priced up at. 

The BTT-2X are a dual driver pair of headphones meaning they give you both dynamic and balanced drivers. You also get a nice design as when you open the box I was excited to give these a try. Status Audio has taken time to create a high-quality build considering the cost. What I like the most about these are the innovative fit wings that hug the inner of your ear for a great fit. Status Audio has also given these headphones Bluetooth 5.0 and IPX5 rating. 

Taking a step back for a second the packing actually looked like they took time to make these look good and its the same of the Status BTS-2X that we will review soon. Inside the packaging you get a hard shell carry case, Micro -USB cable and a box of different sized ear tips and ear hooks to allow you to find the perfect size for you.

Also in the box you also a selection of different ear tips and ear fins and Status Audio has taken a page out of the 1More book in terms of giving you the chance to get the perfect fit.

Design-wise the earbuds come in two colours blue or black and in this review, we got the blue pair in this review. The Headphones are connected by a wire and on the right side of the cable is where the control unit is positioned. That control unit has the multi-function button and the volume controls that also double up as track control so all very normal stuff considering what’s on the market. The buds also have magnetic ends meaning they will stay around your neck which is handy when you’re not using them. 

Battery wise you get eight hours of playtime which is not bad considering the cost and can be recharged after 1.5 hours of charge. You will notice the battery is also stored in the control unit and you will also find the micro-USB port on the side.  The last thing about the design of these headphones are they are IPX 5 which means they are sweatproof and can also handle the user listening to them even if it’s raining.

Moving on to the sound and use I have to start with a moan, unfortunately, turning these on you get the lowest sounding alert to let you know they are on but you can bypass this you look out for the little LED goes blue when on and red when off. This might not be a big issue to most but I just found it a little annoying when using them.

Sound is impressive the sub-bass can reach as low as 20Hz which for a bass fan this is spot on.  Moving on the treble you get an excellent tone and the frequency stays just perfect for your listening pleasure. Listening to Alice Merton “No Roots” and the sound that comes out is just a joy. The vocals are just so clear and the highs and mids for the price range are just spot on.  Surely these are more expensive than the £55 it’s marked up at. 

So overall for £69 you got a decent pair of BT Headphones with Bluetooth 5.0 that gives you a 15-meter distance. You also get IPX5 rating and the magnetic buds when not in use was a nice touch. Design-wise it’s not much different to anything else out in the market but I like that Status Audio has given you a nice solid carry case and a great range of different tips and fins for the perfect fit. However, it’s the sound quality and when considering the price which is the standout. Wonderful bass that does not drown out the other elements of the sound profile and made me very happy.  So well worth considering for your next pair of headphones.

Available from Amazon for £69

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