Review: Status Audio BTS-2X

Stephen Watson
September 16, 2019

Available from Amazon for £79

Also from Status Audio is the BTS-2X this is the BT Structure version and they of a quality finish with the only branding that appears on each earpiece but with the last pair of Status Audio headphones I reviewed the BTT-2X and other products on their site they don’t get heavy on the branding instead they concentrate on sound quality. 

The packaging of the headphones is exactly the same as the BTT-2X with a hard carry case and a box of different-sized eartips and wings for that perfect fit. You also get that Micro USB cable I just wish they would use USB-C.

The design of the headphone earpiece is rubberized hook that comes out of the front and sits over the ear with a perfect fit in the ear. The front of the earpiece is a metal cap that comes in two colours grey or navy blue and in this review, we had the navy blue to review. These headphones are designed for sports in mind and come IPX 5 rated I would have liked for a better rating but it does the job and is resistant to sweat and is also splash-proof. Meaning they are ideal for the gym. They are very lightweight which is also a bonus for sports use.

The fit of these headphones are very comfortable and once you get the right fit they were great to use.  Like the other pair, we reviewed from Status Audio they have a cable that connects both earpieces and with the controller on the right side. The controller like the BTT-2X has a built-in mic and 3 buttons the multi-function that controls power, music playback and answering calls. It also has the ability for you to use your voice assistant on your phone. The only issue I have with this is when you turn them on I struggled to hear that they turned on. Pairing these with your phone as simple as when they are turned on for the first time they automatically go into pairing mode.

The battery life you get 12 hours of playback and takes 2 hours to fully charge them. I found I could use them when I hit the gym over a few days and they did not need to be recharged. Other features include Bluetooth 5.0 meaning you get longer distances. You also got apt-X codec meaning it really will improve the sound but more on that soon. Last but not least its got dual drivers (9mm) to give that quality sound profile.

The Sound profile like the Status Audio BTT-2X offers that balanced full-range sound and the highs and mids are where they shine. However, the bass did slip down a bit but with the dual drivers, it did help to keep that sound flowing without making the sound seem muddy. 

Bass wise when you listen to Alice Merton No Roots the bass had a deep rumble and a decent low end but it could be improved.

Overall, The Status Audio BTS-2X are great headphones for the gym or when you go out running. They sound great if you take out the fact the bass does not cut the mustard as they should. However, the overall sound is good and for the cost of £79, these are a quality option for someone looking for a pair of headphones perfect for the gym.

My only negative about these headphones is the look is very similar to the Beats Powerbeats and I would have liked Status Audio to come up with there own design but like I say that is only a small issue.  

So for a pair of quality sounding alternatives to beats power beats these are worth buying!

Available from Amazon for £79

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