WhatsApp Has Changed its Emojis And People Are Not Happy

Thomas Wellburn
October 3, 2017

The newest WhatsApp Beta v2.17.364 update has introduced updated emojis which no longer follow the original Apple iOS designs.

WhatsApp has traditionally used Apple iOS designs for all emojis within the application. The company did this intentionally to create harmony between the different operating systems and avoid embarrassment, since emojis can often mean different things depending on the OS. In the latest v2.17.364 beta, it seems that the company is starting to introduce its own designs, much to the dismay of users. The changes are pretty but enough that you’ll notice. Things have taken a more cartoonish appearance which leans more towards Android.

The latest WhatsApp beta release also includes Emoji 5.0 compatibility, which introduces a new fantasy set. You’ll get wizards, fairy’s, vampires, elves and zombies. Just don’t expect to get those old iOS emojis back… because they’re gone. Check the images below for side-by-side comparisons.

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