VLC For Android Gets Huge Update

Thomas Wellburn
October 3, 2017

Videolan has released a new version of the popular media player VLC, which introduces a lot of new features and improvements.

The update is currently rolling out to select markets and while we haven’t got the update personally, we expect it to hit the UK very soon. Visually, the application now much closely follows the Material UI which Google popularised in Android 6.0. Animations are abundant and the overall look is much cleaner. It’s possible to use the application with Google Search, opening up voice commands for launching your favourite song or TV series. The update includes:

  • Improved user interface.
  • Much faster.
  • AVI codec support to play avi media files.
  • Support for VP8/VP9/VP10 in Mp4.
  • 360° video support to play videos in that format.
  • HDMI passthrough support.
  • Improved playback performance for MP4V/H264/HEVC.
  • Support for Android O’s picture in picture mode.
  • Support for Android Auto.
  • Support for aspect ratio 18.5:9 screens.
  • Network browsing and discovery allowed when a VPN connection is established.
  • Integration with Google Now and new Search activity.
  • Custom equalizer presets.

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