Twitch cracking down on non-gaming broadcasts from PS4 owners

Jordan O'Brien
November 25, 2013

Own a PlayStation 4 and stream your content? We’ll you best make sure that content is limited to just games, as Twitch has begun cracking down on non-gaming streams making their way to its video streaming platform.

The service sent out a tweet at the weekend after some rather questionable content began finding its way onto Twitch’s service since the launch of the PlayStation 4. The console has been pushing the Playroom feature, which uses the PlayStation’s all-seeing Eye to stream what you’re doing directly to Twitch and uStream.

According to the Terms of Service of Twitch however, the Playroom feature should only be used for gaming-related content, and not anything of a sexual nature or host non-gaming shows. New Xbox One owners haven’t yet got the same warning, as Microsoft has not yet rolled out live streaming to the Xbox One – although this feature will be coming in early 2014.

Source: Kotaku

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