Microsoft update pledges Skype fixes on Windows

Jamie Feltham
November 25, 2013

Skype is great, we all know that. But it has a few issues on Windows, specifically to do with instant messaging. Some messages are failing to deliver, sync, and then may come in one big blast seemingly at random. Now a Microsoft update has pledged to start fixing things.

Speaking to The Verge, Skype product manager Jeff Kunins vowed a resolution for the issues. Apparently the issues surround the network transition from peer-to-peer to cloud-powered servers. Kunins then demonstrated the app syncing messages between Windows Phone and Windows desktop apps as proof.

You’ll get notifications on all Skype-connected devices, then, but they’ll only persist on the device used to respond. A fix for call syncing, which would have calls keeping on on devices after you’ve picked up, if also incoming, though not at the same time. Load times on the Windows Phone app are also set to be improved.

So if you’re an avid Skype user, this Microsoft update is pretty good news.

Source: The Verge

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