Xbox Explain – Microsoft releases Kinect command instructions

Jamie Feltham
November 26, 2013

Talking to your new Xbox One through the Kinect motion sensor is one of the big features of Microsoft’s latest console. But what actually works? Let Xbox explain with an official cheat sheet, seen below.

As the team at Xbox explains, you’ll have to be very specific with what you say to your new console. Unfortunately you can’t simply waltz into your living room and shout ‘get up’ to turn it on, but you will be able to perform a long list of commands, so long as you know the magic words. That usually involves saying ‘Xbox’ to get your system to listen to you, then asking something simple like ‘sign in’ to get online or ‘watch to TV’ to, uh, yeah.

There’s also a range of gestures that the system will also pick up, which Microsoft has detailed here.


Source: Major Nelson

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