Tesco Mobile EU roaming plan not affected by Brexit

Thomas Wellburn
June 27, 2016

A statement released to us today confirms that the Brexit vote will not affect the Tesco Mobile EU roaming plan ‘Home from Home’.

You may remember last week when we ran an in-depth story covering what the impending Brexit could mean for your phone contract. Tesco Mobile are one of a handful of mobile networks who currently offer an international roaming plan, though their service mainly targets the EU. Of the 31 countries eligible for the plan, the Tesco Mobile EU roaming plan covers just four outside the European Union, with another three listed as Crown Dependencies. A spokesperson for the supermarket giant released a statement to What Mobile clarifying their position on the European Union referendum, stating: “The EU decision does not affect Tesco Mobile’s Home From Home service.  Our customers can still enjoy using their mobiles in 31 countries just like they do at home, this summer.”

Tesco Mobile EU roaming plan will still finish in the summer

Tesco has been offering the Home from Home service since 23rd May 2016, with the intention to run the plan until the 3rd September 2016. Some have suggested that their reluctance to offer the plan long-term is a result of being cautious around the referendum result, though the recent statement seems to suggest that they will continue to honor the plan, at least in the short-term. Tesco Mobile still has no plans to extend the ‘Home from Home’ scheme past summer, so their original stance has not really changed.

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