Honor 8 teaser outed in poster

Manny Pham
June 27, 2016

Honor has released an Honor 8 teaser, to satisfy those that felt a bit hard done when the Honor 5C was announced last week instead.

Pick yourself off the floor, the Honor 8 is back on and it it’s apparently going to be the best looking Honor device to date. If you remember, Honor held a virtual reality reveal last week to announce the Honor 5C. The Internet was widely expecting the follow up to the impressive Honor 7, the Honor 8.

honor 8 teaser poster

You can rest easy now as Honor’s next announcement is sure to be the Honor 8, if you take a look at the Honor 8 teaser above. The tagline with the poster reads “beauty out of the ordinary,” corroborating rumours and talks about the Honor 8 being a serious fashion project for Honor.

There has been mention of a double glass design with more screen real estate, thanks to thinned down bezels.

Honor 8 teaser or Huawei P9 teaser?

The Honor 8 is expected to be a mid-range device with a very attractive price tag, but the rumoured specs surpass even Huawei’s latest flagship the P9. It will reportedly sport the Kirin 955 octa-core processor, Huawei’s latest flagship processor and seen on the Huawei P9. Another up on the P9 is the rumoured 4GB of RAM, which will feature in all variants; 32GB, 64GB and 128GB.

Screen real estate will be 5.2-inches with a full HD, 1080p resolution panel. As for the snapper we should be expecting 12-megapixels for a new dual rear-camera system (again P9 inspired). The Honor 8 will also feature a rear-facing fingerprint sensor, USB Type-C and a 3,200mAh battery.

Four variants of the Honor 8 is expected: 32GB no NFC, 32GB with NFC, 64GB and 128GB. The 128GB variant is expected to get a QHD panel upgrade.

The Honor 8 is expected to be announced in July with July 5th the supposed date. The Honor 7 retails for around £249.99, although if the rumoured massive upgrade in specs prove to be true, we should expect a price north of £250.

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Via Gizmo China.

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