Skype gets a complete redesign for Android 4.0

Alan O'Doherty
July 1, 2013

Skype announced the release of the new Skype app for Android 4.0 via today their blog.

Skype promises that the new version will offer “modern design – putting conversation first” placing an emphasis on quick messaging with recent conversations available via the home screen with a single tap. Messaging windows can also be instantly accessed via the contacts or favourites pages, a change that Skype have introduced to reflect the habits of mobile users.

The team behind the redevelopment explained that while the new user interface is the most obvious change, much of their effort went into improving on issues of stability, performance and load time, taking on the challenge of completely redesigning the app from the ground up.

The first hints at what the new Android version might look like came last year when Skype released their app for the Windows Phone 8 with the latest version reflecting a more streamlined interface. Skype have promised regular updates over the coming months, improving the app’s performance and reliability. What Mobile has reached out to Skype for comment on when these updates will be available and how they will enhance user experience and we are currently awaiting a response.


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