Latest Ofcom telecoms complaints figures show increased customer satisfaction

Alan O'Doherty
July 1, 2013

Pay Monthly Mobile

Ofcom’s latest telecoms complaints figures have been revealed, showing an overall drop in the number of complaints raised for pay monthly mobiles from the last quarter but also exposing T-Mobile as the worst offender for the first quarter of 2013 with 0.19 complaints per 1000 customers.

The majority of consumers who complained were motivated by issues related to billing and the handling of complaints, according to Ofcom.

While Orange didn’t perform dazzlingly in the customer-complaints department either they have avoided a repeat of their  performance in the fourth quarter 2011 when they received over double the average number of customer complaints. Three UK was the only provider to see their complaints increase from the last quarter. What Mobile have reached out for comment from Three UK for their thoughts on the rise in complaints from last quarter and we are currently waiting for their response.

O2 and Virgin Mobile both fell below the industry average, with the gap between the companies shrinking from the previous quarter.

Other Services

The overall number of complaints for landline, broadband and pay TV services remained roughly static, with Orange/EE retaining their position from last quarter as the biggest receiver of complaints while BT were the worst offenders for Pay-TV complaints.

Ofcom hopes that these reports “incentivise operators to improve their performance” by highlighting the worst offenders and giving better performing networks the chance to show off their customer-friendly credentials.

Graph pictured of pay monthly mobile complaints per 1000 customers, courtesy of Ofcom.

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