Samsung puts Tizen on a camera, not a phone

Jordan O'Brien
November 11, 2013

Samsung has been working in partnership with Intel on a brand new operating system dubbed Tizen for quite some time, in fact Tizen’s history dates back to two years ago, when the two officially got into bed together after the death of Intel and Nokia’s MeeGo venture. We’ve heard a lot about the operating system, with rumours that Samsung was planning on pushing the operating system ahead of Google’s Android OS, but we’ve also heard rumours that the company may be abandoning the OS completely — given Tizen has missed its launch date which was originally pegged for August 1 2013.

Now it seems that Samsung has finally launched a device running on Tizen, but it’s not a smartphone, and it’s not the Galaxy S5 — instead it’s a compact system camera. Whilst it may seem odd that Smasung’s first commercially available product is a camera, Samsung is no stranger to putting smart operating systems on its photographic lineup — with the Galaxy Camera paving the way for Android-based cameras.

Samsung is directly pitting the Tizen-running NX300M camera against its Android rivals, citing faster boot times, up to twice as fast, and enhanced camera performance — capable of taking nine 20-megapixel shots in a second.

If you’re looking at this as a sign of Tizen’s impending release on a smartphone, then prepare to be disappointed, as Samsung has admitted that the operating system won’t be launching until Q1 2014, with it seeing a release by the end of 2013 as ‘unachievable’.

Via: Pocket-Lint

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