Amazon now delivers on a Sunday

Jordan O'Brien
November 11, 2013

If you’re an Amazon customer and happen to reside in the US, that Prime subscription that you’ve so desperately clung onto has just gotten a little bit better. If access to Amazon’s video streaming service isn’t enough, then how about some Sunday deliveries at no cost for all your eligible purchases?

The company announced the extra day of deliveries on Monday, but has limited it to certain locations, so if you’re an Amazon Prime customer in Nebraska you’re going to have to wait another day for your delivery to arrive. In partnership with the US Postal Service, Amazon Prime customers in New York and Los Angeles will begin to receive their packages fon a Sunday, as well every other day of the week, and the company is planning on expanding the service to Dallas, Houston, New Orleans and Phoenix over the next year — although it does have some other cities in mind, without mentioning which ones.

If you’re an Amazon customer in New York or Los Angeles you’ll start seeing the new Sunday delivery promise when you go through the checkout process, so in the words of Amazon itself, “now every day is an Amazon delivery day.”

Update: Amazon has reached out to clarify that it’s not just Prime customers that will get access to the new Sunday deliveries, with all customers being eligible for the new delivery date — although shipping will be charged at the normal rates, as if it was any other day.

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