Samsung Mixed Reality Headset Leaks Online

Thomas Wellburn
September 27, 2017

Hi-resolution images of an upcoming Samsung Mixed Reality headset have leaked online today, which includes AKG headphones and more.

Virtual Reality (VR) is hot property at the moment, with electronics company’s from around the world trying their hand at the technology. Mixed Reality (MR) is a little newer and seems to have come about shortly after Microsoft introduced the HoloLens. MR combines both augmented and virtual reality, bringing a blend of both physical and virtual worlds. It probably lies closer to AR on the spectrum. Microsoft has been leading the crusade with Mixed reality products, although Lenovo, Dell and ASUS have all chipped with their own headsets recently.

Now Samsung seems to be joining in as well, with their much expected MR headset. It’s an interesting addition to the group because in a few ways, it’s quite different. Typically, MR headsets don’t include headphones, however Samsung’s offering ships with a pair of AKG cans bolted on. This is likely because Samsung now owns Harman International Industries, who is the parent company of AKG. On the front, you can see a pair of cameras which will likely be used for tracking the environment around you and overlaying it with the digital world. This is all connected to the PC by a single wire which comes out of the back.

With Microsoft hosting a Mixed Reality event on October 3rd, we would expect the product to be revealed in full then. Pricing is yet to be confirmed, however current guesses put it in the £300-400 range.

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