Apple iPhone X True Battery Capacity Revealed

Thomas Wellburn
September 27, 2017

China certification authority TENAA has revealed some of the missing hardware specs surrounding the Apple iPhone X; most notably battery capacity.

With the imminent launch of the Apple iPhone X worldwide, it is currently going through the motions of getting certified in regional markets. China’s TENAA telecommunications authority now has a listing for the handset on their website, giving some insight into some of those hardware specs which Apple brushed over during the live conference. Actual battery capacity was never mentioned, with Apple simply claiming that it had “two more hours than the iPhone 7”. According to the TENAA listing online, the Apple iPhone X will include a 2716mAh battery, which is roughly 750mAh more than the 7. The overall capacity is now much more comparable to the Plus, though still falls slightly under. Battery capacity on the iPhone 8 Plus has fallen against the 7.

The report also confirms that the Apple iPhone X will include 3GB RAM, which is the same as the 8 Plus. Again, in terms of internal hardware, both the X and 8 Plus seem to be identical.

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