Redbox comes to Windows Phone, Lumia-only for 60 days

Jamie Feltham
November 25, 2013

Windows Phone has been on a roll with its app releases recently, with Instagram and Vine finally heading to Microsoft’s OS. Today brings another important release as Redbox Instant makes its way over.

Verizon’s streaming video service has been available on iOS and Android for just under a year now, but it makes its way to Windows Phone complete with Live Tile support. The UI is also redesigned to fit the OS.

The catch? Right now it’s exclusive to Lumia phones, and it will remain that way for 60 days. It costs $8 a month which also nets you four DVD rentals a month, although add a dollar onto that and you’ll upgrade to Blu-ray. There’s also a feature that points you in the direction of the nearest Redbox kiosk.

Source: Nokia

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