How to: Make your PS4 faster

Jordan O'Brien
November 25, 2013

The Sony PlayStation 4 is a fast console, there’s no denying that – it’s got all the hardware specs you would expect a next-generation console to have, but is there any way to make it faster? Well according to a video from Tested, it’s pretty conclusive that you can.

The standard PlayStation 4 includes a bog standard 500GB HDD, which we all know is quite slow compared to other storage options such as SSDs and hybrid drives. To prove just how slow it is, Tested took the three storage options and pitted them together in a side-by-side test, throwing tasks at the console such as booting up and loading various games. The results were rather unsurprising with the SSD beating the other two in almost every test.

The SSD was six seconds faster at booting up, and twenty seconds faster at loading a pre-installed game. The hybrid drive didn’t fare too badly, with it being slightly behind the SSD and well ahead of the HDD.

Whilst it’s all well and good to have a super fast SSD in your console, it’s not the most practical solution – as it’s much more expensive than the other two options, and often comes in smaller sizes. With PlayStation 4 games coming in as large as 41GB, it’s neither practical not recommended. A hybrid drive however could set you back a lot less, and come in a super sized 1TB worth of space.

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