Ouya hitting Europe, Middle East, US Target stores later this month

Jamie Feltham
October 25, 2013

Normally we wouldn’t report on the likes of gaming consoles, but Ouya’s a little different. It’s an Android-based console that lets you play the games you’d usually enjoy on a tablet or smartphone with a controller. It was kickstarted into life around a year ago, and is now arriving in US Target stores later this month.

The device had previously launched in the likes of GameStop, Best Buy and Target itself, but will now be hitting each of the 1,800 stores the latter has across the country. It’s expected to be pushed aggressively with in-store ads and bundles with gift cards that will net you free games. Soon enough, demo kiosks will also hit outlets.

Ouya will also be launching in parts of Europe and the Middle East at the end of this month. It had initially faced some backlash at launch, but that seems to be subsiding. We’d quite like the console to keep on going as it’s no doubt healthy for all those that are developing games right now. In the long run, it can probably only strengthen the amount of content we see on our other devices.

Source: Polygon

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