Google Play 4.4 beings public roll out

Jamie Feltham
October 23, 2013

It looks like we’re getting at least one Google update this week, though it’s not the KitKat 4.4 upgrade we’re all hoping for. Instead it seems that Google Play 4.4 is getting an earlier-than-expected roll out.

People are reportedly starting to receive the store update now. Included is a new slide-out navigation menu that’s designed to make app-searching. It provides access to your apps, wish lists, the redeem page, and different sections of the Google Play store. It’s said to be rolling out in phases just as with most Google updates.

Meanwhile, the wait continues for the KitKat Android overhaul, and the Nexus 5 phone that is said to be launching along side it. In the meantime, make due with Goolge Play 4.4.

Source: The Cult of Android

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