New phone manufacturer launched by ex-HTC execs

Alex Walls
June 18, 2013

Two ex-HTC executives say they’ve launched a new mobile phone manufacturer called Kazam.

Former HTC UK head of sales Michael Coombes and head of marketing James Atkins, who exited HTC earlier this year, have launched a new mobile phone manufacturer Kazam – a company spokesperson said it could not tell What Mobile where the phones would be manufactured or what price range would be targeted, if any.

Amongst a lot of PR speak including the word ‘dynamic’, a statement from Coombes, chief executive of the new manufacturer, said the company would have a focus on European markets with the aim of providing quality smartphones which were accessible to all.

Atkins, now chief marketing officer, said there was an opportunity for a new mobile brand to disrupt the status quo.

A range of smartphones would be available later this year, the company said.


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