Long-running Dynasty Warriors series coming to iOS and Android for the first time ever

Callum Tennent
July 15, 2014

Dynasty Warriors is a funny old series. Something of a gaming Marmite, it tends to be either adored or disdained, with very few gamers falling in between. It’s easy to see why – there’s been little progression in the game’s core mechanics and features from title to title, its storyline is hardly the strongest, and it’s never boasted the best  graphics.

For those who do enjoy it though, what Dynasty Warriors has always been is an absolute ton of fun. Who cares if it most likely peaked with the fourth iteration more than ten years ago? We love smacking thousands of hapless grunts around with comically oversized weapons and we don’t care who knows it. It’s dumb, loud, and probably the greatest thing ever.

So, Dynasty Warriors fans, what would you give for a mobile title? Or perhaps the more pertinent question is, what would you do for a Japanese passport? Dynasty Warriors Blast is set to arrive on iOS and Android at the end of July, and it’s also only scheduled for a Japanese release.

It’s the series’ first foray into the mobile market, although handheld editions do exist on the Nintendo DS and PS Vita. According to developer/publisher Tecmo Koei’s website it’s to be based around Dynasty Warriors 7, although they could have rattled off any number and we’d nod our heads in agreement.

It looks like the gameplay will be largely unaltered from its console predecessors, which is exactly what we’d want from it. It will feature warlords and characters from all throughout the series’ storied history, with some being labelled ‘premium’. Yep, it’s going to be free-to-play, as specified on the game’s website  (if Google’s translate feature is correct). Pre-registration is open now to Japanese gamers, so we’ll be sure to keep you up to date with its development. Keep your chins up, Dynasty fans, if a premium Monster Hunter title can make it to Western app stores then anything is possible.


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