The KitSound BoomBar 2+ – Kitsound just brought the Boom!

Stephen Watson
August 7, 2018

Available for £69.99 from and available in Black, Grey and Pink.

Here at What Mobile, we have been lucky to test some great products and this time I was very excited to get my hands on my first Kitsound Speaker.  I have seen them before when I visited Kondor HQ where Kitsound is based. I meet the guy behind Kitsound and was really impressed with how the brand was created and after getting a taste of the sound I was hooked.

So to give you a little bit about Kitsound they have a wide range of Wired & Wireless products which use Bluetooth to help with a quick connection. Check out  for the full range as am sure you will find something you love. The Boombar 2+ is the improvement on the Boombar 2 and even the original boombar. This Bluetooth speaker is something you can pick up with ease and with the sound, you get you won’t want to have anything else.

The boombar 2+ has an angular design that lets you place it anywhere on the floor or on a wall in the garden wherever you like. I put this speaker through its paces at a family BBQ and was the DJ for the day.  The angular design sends sound upwards and we found the sound travelled where ever we were in the garden. We all agreed this was a top draw speaker and allows the rich bass to be on show without any distortion as found in other speakers on the market. It’s lightweight as well so moving it around is simple to do and was not heavy or a strange shape so will fit in a bag for that trip to the beach.

Using this speaker is also very simple-  make sure you turn on your Bluetooth on your phone and then switch it on it will make a  short sound like a drum then you know your on and connected and you’re ready to play your music. There is a 3.5mm minijack for these who still have the old school iPod.

You can tell it’s on as a LED light appears on the right-hand side where the controls are. The controls are also very simple 3 buttons – One to turn on and off and the volume controls also double up to let you change track which is a standard feature in most Bluetooth speakers or headphones I have reviewed. You can also control the sound and change track on your phone if you wish.

As for charging it takes about 4 hours to give you a full charge to allow you up to 10 hours of playtime so it lasted longer than my phone. You can also make and receive calls using the built-in Mic I found this great when friends called to tell us they had arrived and as the music was on we did not hear the doorbell and the mic picked me up fine as long as was not that far away.

The main features for this case are it’s dust and water resistant which we discovered when the BBQ turned into a water fight.  The rugged design I think is also a great addition as the speaker did fall off the wall once not a massive drop and apart from a few marks no damage and the sound was unaffected. My Friends were all impressed with the rich sound and the fact that the angular shape allowed the sound to travel which we noticed more when we took it inside.

One of my friends was that impressed he told me has just ordered one for when he is doing a BBQ next. So all in all a great product with a fantastic sound that I shall keep in the house as the go-to wireless speaker.  

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