Kit Sound Boom Cube Portable Wireless Speaker- Review

Stephen Watson
August 17, 2018

Available from Very for £19.99 in three colours Rose Pink, Grey & Black


KitSound recently sent us the Boom Cube portable wireless speaker and I have to say we have been reviewing a few items of Kitsound and the Boom Cube is just great.  

It arrived within a little clear plastic box with the same branding as its bigger brother the BoomBar 2+. Once opened you are greeted by a handy user guide and two cables one aux cable and a micro USB cable to charge it. We got the rose gold one which is simply gorgeous in design the finish on this speaker you would expect it to be more expensive than £19.99. The speaker is a great size fits perfectly above the display fireplace in my house.

The curved design really makes this speaker look great and with the enhanced base this sounds as good as it looks and you get the award-winning sound you expect with Kitsound it’s not a disappointment you might think for a wireless speaker of a similar price even at full volume when others sound tinny.

The set up very simple on the front you see 3 things the aux cable to turn it from wireless to wired setup, In the middle the space for the charger and last but not least the power button.  Simply hold the power button a couple of seconds and you hear a drum noise and connect with your phone and your done you will see a light on the power button that shows you its on. Set up in less than 1 minute.  As it’s a Bluetooth speaker make sure your connection is on in your phone settings.

As for play time you get 6 hours of music time for this sexy little speaker and charging time is just 2 hours so no time at all to listen to your music again. For a wireless speaker that looks as great as it sounds you need the KitSound Boom Cube as it was a pleasure to review.  

Buy now for only £19.99 it’s a must!

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