The House of Marley- No Bounds wireless speaker.- Review

Stephen Watson
August 20, 2018

Available for £59.99 from House of Marley or HMV

Now for readers of What Mobile, you might remember we mentioned a few weeks ago that House of Marley was bringing out a range of eco-friendly products and the No Bounds Bluetooth speaker is the first one we have got our hands on.

House of Marley is known for there earth-friendly products as mentioned when we reviewed the Positive 2 Wireless Headphones which also use recycled materials. They are made of sustainably-harvested cork, Marley’s signature rewind fabric & ReGrind Silicone. So the speaker can float on water!

The No Bounds speaker allows you to use this speaker in all terrain.  As they are water & dust proof and offer a 10-hour battery life. As am writing this review I had the speaker on since midday and it still going strong. The speaker also gives you duel-speaker pairing allowing you to play music on two of the No Bounds speakers.

The Built-In Microphone allows for calls to be taken and you can also connect Siri or Google Assistant and use that while keeping the volume functionality.  Its lightweight and even comes with a keychain clip great for placing on a bag ready for an adventure.

Sound wise it has a great base and the sound is perfect when you have it at full volume to even the more gentle sound level.  My only negative about this product its does not have NFC Connectivity but apart from that, it’s a great product that being water/dust proof it’s the perfect gift for the adventurer in the family.

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