iPhone 5s and 5c will soon be repairable in-store

Jordan O'Brien
November 8, 2013

Apple has already been offering iPhone 5 customers the chance to get their phones repaired in-store whilst they wait, but when the new iPhone 5s and 5c arrived, the same luxury wasn’t afforded to those devices. Now according to reports from 9to5Mac Apple is beginning to expand the program to the latest iPhone devices.

Whilst Apple still isn’t going to try and repair your phone if it gets run over by a steam roller, it is going to begin handling some of the most common repairs in a select number of Apple Stores — with cracked screens and bad batteries all reportedly covered.

It’s not yet known when the program will begin its expansion to the newer devices, but it’s expected to arrive before the new year rolls in — just in time for the drunken antics at the work christmas party.

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