Gramohorn II speakers for HTC One are retro-futuristic

Jamie Feltham
November 8, 2013

The original Gramohorn was a simp device that amplified the sound on an iPhone for home living. They were basically electronics-free acoustic amplifiers, and now the Gramohorn II is doing the same for the HTC One.

Justin Wolter has designed these unusual ‘speakers’ as part of HTC’s ‘Here’s To Creativity’ campaign. They might be cable-free, but they’ll still see you back some £999. They’re made on 3D printers, which we all know are all the rage right now. The Gramohorn II is interchangeable with other HTC models, so owners of the One Mini or One Max won’t be left out.

It’s a bit more of a stylish option, we guess. Just don’t break them.

Source: Engadget

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