Instagram Stories Adds Polling Feature

Thomas Wellburn
October 3, 2017

New feature will allow users of Instagram Stories to add polls onto their favourite pictures and images.

Instagram Stories has a new feature which allows users to add interactive polling buttons onto their images. The poll button works in exactly the same way as stickers. Users can simply drag and drop it into their image, opening up a new dimension. You’ll be given the option to customise the question and choices. Viewers will then be able to tap their choice. Opening up the viewers list for the story will show everyone who has voted and what has been picked. Cue millions of selfies asking if they look sexy, whether they should wear this etc…

Another new feature introduced at the same time is an eyedropper tool, which allows users to pick colours from within the image. This will open up the ability for colour-matched fonts and doodles.

The update is available now on iOS and Android.

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