Stranger Things: The Game Releases Today on iOS

Thomas Wellburn
October 4, 2017

Stranger Things: The Game is available now on Apple iOS. It’s completely free and has zero in-app purchases.

Stranger Things was a massive success on Netflix, captivating everything that was great about the 80’s and backing it up with a great story and cast. In a totally unexpected release, Stranger Things: The Game has today launched on Apple iOS which is beautifully retro and resonates with the TV show perfectly. Developed by BonusXP, the game is completely free is no in-app purchases and uses 16-bit graphics for added retro flair. Like other games released around that era, it’s also immensely difficult and very unforgiving. Those who are new to these sorts of games should opt for Normal difficulty, where things are a little bit easier.

There’s plenty to see and do, with the game featuring all of the locations found within the TV show. A bunch of extras are also included as unlockables which give a cheeky peak into season 2 and what’s in store. Plenty of the characters make an appearance including Hopper, Nancy and the boys. Each of these have special abilities which can be used to progress through each level and solve puzzles.

The game is available now from the Apple App Store. The game will also be available on Android very soon. Both versions will receive an update on October 27th to coincide with Season 2.

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