Friday Lolz: The Post Valentine’s Day Aftermath

Alex Walls
February 15, 2013

Those who were pure of heart and chirpy of outlook probably glided through yesterday, probably with accompanying cupids or something.

For the rest, there was always our Valentine’s Day Apps article and dinosaurs to entertain and inform (come on, one of two?)

And in the post-Valentine’s Day world of discount chocolates and wilting flowers, we take a look at the aftermath via mobile of the loviest day of the year.

Appy ever after…or not

First off, there was the news from PC Magazine that the $US0.99 KillSwitch app for Androids had been launched, designed to wipe all mention or hint of your ex from your Facebook page.

Probably incredibly helpful to install either before the big day if you’re unhappily single, or afterwards if things didn’t go as planned, the app wipes photos, videos, wall posts or status updates tagged with your ex’s name.  

It’s billed as making breakups “suck less”, helping you avoid deactivating your account and “staring at your ex’s stupid face every time you log in.”

However, the app stores these photos in a hidden album on your profile, so you can recover them if you decide an electric toothbrush was actually a thoughtful gift after all and it won’t de-friend or block someone (although you need to be Facebook friends with the ex for it to work), PC Mag said.

#candyheartrejects – You Smell Nice PS My Name Is Carl

In other news, trending on Twitter before Valentine’s Day was the hash tag #candyheartrejects, followed by suggestions for sayings that were rejected from being painted on small, technically edible hearts to be given to loved ones.

We’ve picked some out, but if you’re keen for the full breakdown, head here























And of course, there’s the inevitable best of Valentine’s autocorrects:












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