UPDATED: App Review: Twickets, the ticket exchange app

Alex Walls
February 18, 2013


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Free on Apple iOS

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A useful ticket exchange service. Twickets allows people who no longer need a ticket to a given event to on-sell them, for no more than face value plus any booking fees charged.

Users fill out the info through the app and submit it; to be made available to search through the app and posted to Twickets’ Twitter and Facebook followers.

A word of warning: it doesn’t look like there’s any way to delete your Twickets post once you’ve made one (apologies to anyone who tried to buy a Louis CK ticket from me for £30 ‘ it wouldn’t let me write ‘Test’); the only option appears to be to tweet the Twickets team, asking that the ticket not be approved/posted – and it takes a while to get through, due to a large influx of tweets.

Users can search the app for tickets using filters such as event name, dates, type of event and location and contact the seller via a tweet generated by the app.

Users are not allowed to over-sell and anyone breaking this rule can be reported, as well as people who post one price but then argue higher in the tweet exchange (something the Twickets Twitter account warns has happened).

Of course, the efficacy of the app will depend upon how religiously the seller checks their Twitter feed (and of course, you’ll need a Twitter account to use the app), but given it’s a Twitter-based service, I can’t see this being too much of a problem.

A neat way of either finding a same-price ticket to a sold out show you’re desperate to attend, or of finding a (reasonably priced) ticket to something good on the same day you’re searching.

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