Final week of 2013 sees FIFA 14 top charts

Jamie Feltham
January 2, 2014

It might be a new year but there’s little to report on the UK charts this week. GFK has published the games charts for the final week of 2013 and it’s EA’s FIFA 14 on top yet against.

In fact the top for places haven’t changed as all since the last report – Call of Duty: Ghosts, Assassin’s Creed IV and Battlefield 4 all follow on respecitvely. The usuals fill out the rest – GTAV, Need for Speed, Lego Marvel, Just Dance, Minecraft and Gran Turismo 6 all follow in that order.

You can probably expect this sort of pattern for at least the first few weeks of 2014, as the challengers to the charts won’t be releasing until the final days of this month. Until then it’ll likely to be FIFA-crazy.

Source: GFK

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