What Mobile’s Top 10 Games of the Year 2013

Jamie Feltham
December 26, 2013

It’s been quite a year for video games, so much so that you might have noticed we’ve recently ramped up our coverage of them. Going into 2014 we’re looking to do even more with games, but for now it’s time for us to look back and crown our favorite titles of 2013.

Keep in mind this is What Mobile, so we’ve played a lot of handheld greats this year, but we’re not shunning console titles either. We’d love to know what you make of the list, so sound off in the comments below about what we missed or what you’re happy made it in.

[alert type=alert-blue]10. rymdkapsel[/alert]


rymdkapsel started life on the PlayStation Mobile platform and has since branched out to other markets, and it comes with our full recommendation. It might be minimalist in its design, but this is an utterly engulfing mix of strategy and tower defense that will devour the hours as you build a base and defend it from the hordes. It also has one of the most relaxing soundtracks of the year.

[alert type=alert-blue]9. Velocity Ultra[/alert]


A remake of perhaps the best PlayStation Mini, Velocity Ultra takes the ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ approach in redesigning its complex, layered shoot ’em up gameplay. It’s not as simple as bullet-dodging and blasting enemies – you’ll have to carefully plan routes around levels and develop lightning reflexes to open up pathways and beat challenges as quickly as possible. Tougher than diamond but more than worth the time it takes to master.

[alert type=alert-blue]8. Tearaway[/alert]


Media Molecule made its name with the PS3’s LittleBigPlanet series, but we personally think that this cutesy Vita gem is the better of the two. Tearaway is an endlessly creative platformer, an all too rare experience that genuinely offers something new around every corner. If you thought the Vita’s extra features were throwaway, wait until your fingers burst through the rear touchpad for the first time, or you see yourself giggling like an idiot in the sky. Best Apple Arcade Games

[alert type=alert-blue]7. Pokemon X + Y[/alert]


Nintendo’s Pokemon series has been going for as long as we can remember, but its newest entries on the 3DS shake things up more than any other game before them with incredible new 3D visuals. It also helps that Pokemon remains one of the deepest RPGs around, with acres of ground to cover and literally hundreds of monsters to level up. Taking the battle online leads to whole new levels of competitive gaming. Plus: Pikachu.

[alert type=alert-blue]6. BioShock Infinite[/alert]


Many feared that Ken Levine and the team at Irrational Games couldn’t follow up the masterpiece that is the original BioShock without slipping up but Infinite more than proved them wrong. On top of refining the unique FPS gameplay that mixes unusual powers with explosive weaponry, Infinite told one of the most fascinating stories in all of gaming. The sky bound city of Colombia proved to be just as memorable as the underwater city of Rapture that came before it.

[alert type=alert-blue]3. Dead Space 3[/alert]


Dead Space 3 had a rough road to release, with many claiming that the addition of two-player co-op would ruin what was usually a tense experience. Some stuck to those guns, but we still had a blast with Isaac Clarke’s latest. Played solo, the game smartly removes the second player to make it the same intense experience that made the first two games standout. In co-op you can have just as much fun with a buddy as you struggle to overcome the odds. We still have high hopes that EA will bring the series to PS4 and One.

[alert type=alert-blue]4. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons[/alert]


Brothers might have slipped off of your radar when it came to 360 early in the year. We’re here to try and put it back on there. This is a breath-taking tale of family and adventure that doesn’t pull the punches. It’s a bite-sized, three hour experience that twists and turns and holds your attention with inventive puzzles and platforming, as well as presenting some of 2013’s most stunning locales and telling potentially its boldest plot.

[alert type=alert-blue]3. Muramasa Rebirth[/alert]


A port of one of the Wii’s best games, Muramasa absolutely shines on Vita. That’s partly due to the sharp OLED screen that punctuates its crisp papercraft style, but it’s also down to the pitch-perfect combat system that has you zip about the screen, slicing through enemies and leaping from surface to surface. It’s also got a difficulty mode that will truly and fairly test gamer’s limits, and provide one of the most satisfying experiences of 2013.

[alert type=alert-blue]2. The Last Of Us[/alert]

The Last of Us - 09

We can’t ignore The Last Of Us. It’s a fantastically presented third-person action game that enhances its already deep gameplay with perhaps the most mature and intelligent story that the medium has ever told. Realistically-developed characters, stunning visuals and a criminally underrated multiplayer mode help make this the best game from one of the most high-profile game developers out there.

[alert type=alert-blue]1. Soul Sacrifice[/alert]


Bet you weren’t expecting this, and neither were we when we picked up Soul Sacrifice for the first time. On the surface this is simply a harmless Monster Hunter clone, but scratch below and you’ll find almost 100 hours worth of game to fall in love with. Sure SS wears its inspirations on its sleeve, but it goes above and beyond with a co-op option that offers endless entertainment. Inventive systems will force you to decide who you trust, while the boss design is some of the darkest and challenging we’ve seen since Dark Souls. If you’re a fan of From Software’s JRPG or Capcom’s Japan mega-hit, you owe it to yourself to try Soul Sacrifice.

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