Blackberry may release a bacteria-free smartphone

Thomas Wellburn
June 26, 2015

Blackberry could be venturing into the medical sector by releasing a bacteria-free device for hospital workers and staff.

Blackberry are trying to manoeuvre their way into the business sector again, this time by targeting the medical community. Company CEO John Chen announced near a hospital in Toronto that Blackberry is partnering with ThoughtWire and Cisco Systems Inc. to provide hospital workers with a new ‘portable messaging and alert system’. The device will supposedly be fully germproof in an attempt to stop the 25,000 bacteria that infect your smartphone every day.

The device would only be available for hospital personnel and not regular consumers, though if the technology was lucrative enough it would likely filter to them as manufacturing costs reduced.

Blackberry has been keen to claw back some of the business market and this could be a good start. While the CEO hinted at the idea, the company did stress that they are only ‘considering’ the possibly. An interesting concept none-the-less.

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