The force is strong in the iPhone 6S

Thomas Wellburn
June 29, 2015

Bloomberg has reported that Force Touch will be coming to the new iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 devices. 

The American business website says that Apple Inc. has started early production of the new models and they will include Force Touch technology.

The technology was first seen in the new MacBook and uses a combination of Haptic feedback and pressure sensors which respond to your taps and presses in a way that feels much more natural.

The technology will be implemented directly into the panel, meaning that users should be able to bring up different functions by adjusting the strength of their screen taps. This could give some fascinating possibilities for future iOS versions.

Bloomberg has also said that the new iPhone devices will keep last years design theme, meaning 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch handsets are the highest possibility. Whether or not the Force Touch impacts on the thickness remains to be seen.

There is a possibility that the new iPhone models could be impacted by supply and yield of the new Force Touch panels, meaning we may need to wait a little while before the manufacturing process is ready to cope with demand.

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