Smartphone addict? So are your parents.

Thomas Wellburn
June 26, 2015

A new study has revealed that parents are also slaves to their smartphone devices, which will surely cheer up angst filled teenagers who are constantly told to put away their devices.

Forget about your kids being addicted to smartphones, it seems the parents are quickly catching up! A recent study by parenting website has revealed that parents use their smartphones more than 240 times a day. The firm studied more than 6,500 parents across the UK and found that parents begin using their devices as early as 7-8am, with some even picking them up before 6am. Yikes.

If you think it’s for work purposes, you’re in for a shock. Around half of the parents surveyed (47%) head straight to Facebook or other social media sites before doing anything else. It even revealed that over half of parents sleep next to their smartphone, a worrying development that coincides with our inability to completely detach from the digital world.

It just so happens that this coming Sunday marks the second annual National Unplugging Day, where people are encouraged to ignore their devices for a day and do something productive instead. Probably watch TV or browse the internet on their laptop instead. Probably.

Still, it will be a nice opportunity for you to catch up on those summer rays and enjoy that thing past generations refer to as ‘outside’.


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