Microsoft Paint is going 3D

Thomas Wellburn
October 10, 2016

A leaked video on YouTube has today revealed that the new Microsoft Paint will include full 3D drawing capabilities.

Microsoft Paint has never exactly been an application renowned for it’s features and design capabilities. A freeware program bundled with Windows since the mid-80’s, it’s rarely evolved and was only really useful for taking print screens and the occasional image crop. A new video posted on YouTube by user Tom Warren hints that this could all be about to change in a big way, as it shows a bunch of new features previously not seen on the current versions.

The Verge got a hands-on with the application back in May, though a lot of the new additions were locked out. The new video shows a radically re-designed interface, which takes cues from the Windows 10 design aesthetic, plus a very impressive 3D mode for objects. Using a Surface Pro 4, a member of the Microsoft team can be see drawing a fish shape in freehand which then turns into a 3D object.

Microsoft Paint will let you create full 3D scenes

What follows is a full ocean scene, accompanied by varying layers including a backdrop. She then moves the image around dynamically, which has serious implications for virtual reality. We can envision this being used with the Oculus rift and Hololens to create some pretty impressive imagery.

Microsoft has a Windows 10 lined up for October 26th, where we expect to see the new paint application in action.

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