Become a #Expert! 5 Pro Instagram Tips for eCommerce Fashion Shops

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June 16, 2020

With 1 billion active monthly users on Instagram, if you’re in business, you need to get your business on Instagram. Instagram is great for fashion businesses because it is a highly visual social media platform.

Using the best Instagram tips for eCommerce can help you get some traction on the platform. There’s no reason to miss out on promoting on the platform anymore because we’re going to help you.

Continue reading this article for the top Instagram tips for eCommerce.

1. Post-Eye-Catching Photos

Your content is the most important part of your Instagram strategy. If you don’t have high-quality photos, it is easy for people to scroll right past your content.

Investing in product photography that gets attention and shows off your products is a wise move. Working with a professional product photographer can help you get the exact photos you need to get your message across.

2. Making the Most Out of Hashtags

Remember when this—#—was just the pound sign on the phone or represented numbers? Well, gone are the days of the simple things because this now means hashtag.

Hashtags play a huge part in Instagram and help people find the content they are looking for. You can even use multiple hashtags without looking spammy when you use Instagram.

When using hashtags, you want to figure out what people are searching for and how you can work that in with your content. Besides for piggybacking on hashtags, you can create your own hashtag to help people find your content. Some people will even create content for your brand by taking photos in your outfits and more.

3. Get Social With Followers

If your social media is a one-way street, you’re missing out on a lot of the benefits of social media for your fashion business.

You likely have people commenting on the different outfits and other products you post. When they post, take the time to interact with them. Leaving a thoughtful reply can go a long way and make people want to do business with your company.

4. Stay Consistent With Branding

When you’re posting content on Instagram, you need to make sure you’re consistent with your branding. Use the same colors, font, and voice when you post content. When you do this, people get used to you, your content, and your company.

5. Look for Influencers to Work With

Working with influences can help you get more attention on Instagram. You don’t have to work with the biggest influencers to get results. You can work with micro-influencers and still get people to buy your products.

Using the Best Instagram Tips for eCommerce

Now that you know these great Instagram tips for eCommerce, it’s time to make a splash on social media. Using social media to promote your fashion products allows you to do business all over the world, and now, you have the tips you need to get going.

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