Review: Senstroke Drum Sensors – Allowing you to learn to drum anywhere!

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March 19, 2020

The Senstoke Drum Sensors are available from from 219

We have all played Guitar hero and wanted to be in a band like Bon Jovi or Queen. Now you have the chance to be the Drummer as well. Introducing Senstroke drumming solution. 

A few weeks back I meet with Jerome Dron who is the man behind the company Redision who come up with the wonderful idea of Senstroke allowing you to learn to drum or practice when and where ever you are. Senstroke comes in  3 main packs: 

  • Senstroke Essential Box €160
  • Senstroke Standard Box- €219
  • Senstroke Ultimate Box €250

In this review, we were given the standard box that includes the following: 

  • 4 Sensors
  • 2 Straps for the feet
  • 1 dual Micro USB cable to charge the sensors.

The sensors are connected by Bluetooth and allow drummers to reproduce the movements, impacts of normal drumsticks and the footwork of a drum kit but putting the sound into your ears and not driving your neighbours mad. This device gives both beginners and professional drummers a chance to practice anywhere on anything your leg a desk anything. This video show you how: 

Setting this device up was very easy to do all you need to Senstroke app that was available on either Andriod or IOS. In this review, I downloaded it onto my iPhone X.  Once the app has been set up you need to switch on the sensors and pair the sensors and define your playing zone I was also given some drumsticks as well to allow me to use this product. Once that zone been set when you tap that area and it is transformed into a MIDI note and when hit a drums sound is created from your smartphone or tablet. The app allows to main modes basic and expert and also allows you to customize your drum kit.

The app allows you to record your drumming sessions and also share on social media, unfortunately, am not quite at the level I want anyone seeing me rock out but its a very good idea. The app has recently had an upgrade and this includes a new play feature ideal for beginners. The learning mode is basically Guitar Hero for drummers. It allows you to have an in-app lesson and you drum a track that scrolls across the screen just like the smash-hit game Guitar Hero.

You are also able to record your drumming sessions via GarageBand app available on IOS for these more professional drummers.  For these professional drummers, you can get sunstroke’s digital practice pads that would give a more realistic superior quality of significant noise reduction when your drumming.  The pads cost an additional 12 and can even be put on an actual drum set.  You can also change the kind of kit to a simple snare drum to a complete drum kit.

Overall, If you are looking to learn to drum or just practice on the train on the way to a gig then the Redison Senstroke is the perfect device to rock out to without driving your neighbours mad. 

The Senstoke Drum Sensors are available from from 219

What Mobile Rating – 5 Stars!

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