Review: WYND HALO Air Monitoring System.

Stephen Watson
March 22, 2020

The Wynd Halo Available for $149 from

The air we breathe is very important and with more of us having asthma or even hay fever it’s important to know how the day is likely to look and how we can improve the air we breathe. Introducing the Wynd Halo air monitoring system.  

The Wynd Halo is a monitor that has 10 sensors that can pick up things like Allergens, Smoke, Germs, Pollution among others. What you will notice is the Wynd Halo actually breaks down the air we breathe and classifies the actual pollutants (Air ID) in the air and gives you a summary of your air so we can take the right action.

 Wynd also has a Home Purifier that together with the Halo will actually improve the air by removing the contaminants in the area. Unfortunately, we only had the chance to review the Halo but if you wanted to buy the Wynd Home Purifier for $349 via where the Wynd Halo costs $149. You can use the Halo anywhere in your house and can even mount it to the wall. 

The Air ID that the Halo gives us raw sensor data to show us how clean your air is and this is perfect for these who want to get a full understanding of how clean the air is. This device is ideal for those who may live near an industrial plant or if you remember the forest fires in Australia you might be a safe distance but the air might still not be safe and this device can show the results.

The device is very simple to set up. You need to download the app and follow the instructions I had set up in a few short minutes.  It’s not very big either, it’s about the size of a smoke alarm (Size: 3.8 x 3.8 x 0.9 inches). The device is connected via Wi-Fi and is powered by a USB-C cable but can operate after a full charge. I used this device on the desk where I write these reviews so left it plugged in for the whole of this review.  

The LED Display is in the centre of the device with 3 buttons one at the top in the shape of 3 waves and the other 2 being a simple line on each side. 


You also get a LED that goes around the device and this via the App indicates the quality of the air such as: 

  • Blue – Healthy Air
  • Yellow- A higher threshold of Pollutants
  • Orange – Detects Smoke
  • Red- Presence of CO2

The App can alert you to any issues in the environment to avoid serious issues. The Wynd Halo can also indicate the level of dampness and mould and for these with young kids or these with asthma. The app allows you to keep an eye on air quality even when you’re not home via your smartphone from anywhere.

Since we have used the device we have noticed the air quality in my dining room is not ideal and have since taken steps to improve the air in this room. You can even see what the air quality is like in other parts of the UK and overseas like the below images.

The App also records the levels over periods of the day, week, month & Year. You also get recordings of the following:

  • Wynd Score – Overall result
  • PM1- Micro Particles
  • PM2.5- Small Particles
  • PM10- Large Particles
  • PM4 – Medium Particles
  • VOC- Volatile Chemicals
  • CO2
  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Light
  • Noise

The Wynd Halo can also be introduced into your smart home set up and it can be connected to work alongside your Amazon Alexa or Apple Homekit or integration with Honeywell I did struggle to connect to my Google Home set up but I expect with updates this will be made easier in time.

Overall, Would I buy the Wynd Halo?  I think the answer is yes as my girlfriend suffers from hay fever and if we could have something in our house to alert her of bad days for pollen and other serious allergy issues notifications then the Halo is a very good option. 

Price Wise at $149/£130 it’s not very expensive for looking after you and your family and providing information for those with respiratory issues. I would have liked to have tested this alongside the Wynd Home Purifier to see how they work in tandem.

Apart from that to show how clean your air is this is definitely worth investing in.

The Wynd Halo Available for $149 from

  • Design- 4 Stars
  • Features- 5 Stars
  • Performance- 4.5 Stars 
  • User Friendly- 5 Stars
  • Value- 5 Stars

Overall Rating – 4.6 Stars

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