Review: Tech21 Evo Type – A phone case with a Keyboard!

Stephen Watson
March 22, 2020

The Tech21 Evo Type costs £69.95 from

Tech21 has given us the chance to have a phone case that doubles up as a keyboard. Introducing the Tech21 Evo Type.

The Tech21 EvoType was first showcased this device at CES 2019 but we have only just had the chance to get our hands on the Evo type and see what it’s really like.  

The Evotype has a rugged feel to the case and covers the phone front and back and comes with a magnetic flap to keep the front of the case covering the phone when not in use and also comes with a plastic branded stand on the back. In this review, we have used the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 with the Evo type. 

On first impressions, it looks like a normal tech21 folio case that allows you to keep a credit card in the inside of the case. However, with the Evotype, you have a keyboard in the inside of the case.  

You will notice the keyboard has all of the keys totally aligned which is different to a normal keyboard otherwise known as the NFC keyboard. This does take a little longer to get used to if you are a fast typer but most other users will be fine with the layout of the keyboard.   

Moving back to the case it comes with all the protection you expect from Tech21 such as offering 10ft drop protection and being lightweight in design. 

Setting up the Evotype is very simple: put your phone inside the case then go into your setting and turn on the NFC function and then turn the keyboard on ( The keyboard will vibrate when on). You will also have to download the Evo Type app and follow a few short instructions and bingo you are ready.   

Tech21 has even thought about when you want to use this on the move it comes with a little stand that folds out from the back of the case allowing you to stand the phone and make it look like your on a laptop. When it comes to using this device that is where it will really take you some time to get used to it apart from the power button all other keys are not actually a touch panel and this is the main disappointment of this device as if you type fast you will just have a nightmare with this as it takes time to pick up the keys you type so you will need to slow down which will put some people off. When I tested typing fast with this it looked like my 4 years old was messing around on my phone. However, if you use this keypad without the element of speed you will find it quite useful and can achieve decent experience.  

When it comes to myself testing this I type quite fast so I found it a little annoying but it is a good idea just a shame Tech21 seem to have just missed the mark with this device. As most people I know are all fast at typing on their phone or laptop/PC. So using the Evo Type feels like a step backwards in my view. 

The only positives I can give is the case part offers 10ft protection and an integrated kickstand which means watching a film on the way home is great but using the Evo type in the way it’s designed to use is disappointing. At £69.95 it seems a bit expensive considering the keypad is not great for anyone who types fast.

Review Ratings:

  • Design: 4 Stars
  • Features: 3 Stars
  • Performance: 2.5 Stars
  • Value for Money: 3 Stars

Overall rating: 3 Stars

The Tech21 Evo Type costs £69.95 from

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