Review: Tech Energi USB charge and sync cable.

Stephen Watson
February 23, 2019

The Tech Energi – Lightning Charge & Sync Cable – £19.99 from 

Tech Energi is a brand new company on the block with one simple mission to allow you to charge your phone but do it in style and boy have they smashed it. 

Now the cables range from lightning mains chargers, USB-C Mains chargers and what we have been sent Apple lightning charge and sync cable. The packaging is what caught my attention it comes in a can which I think is very cool design and something that will instantly make this product stand out and the can is recyclable meaning this is a product great for mother nature.  

Inside the can is the charge/sync cable stored in a quality bag with the Tech Energi logo on the side of the bag. The cable itself is held together neatly using a silicone cable tidy with the branding printed on the tidy allowing for others to see what you have.

The cable itself is of quality design and it 1.2m long I found I could use this anywhere which is a positive and unlike the Apple charger cable you get with the phone this cable as some length meaning my phone can be on charge and I can use it at the same time.

Another positive of this cable is the fact it comes with a reversible connector meaning I don’t have to worry about which way I plug my phone in for a charge and it will charge either way for these on the go this is a great feature. My favourite feature on this cable is that you have an LED light on the connector so you know the power is on. I cannot be the only person to have plugged my phone in and forgot to turn the power on.  

The cable itself has been made to last. With a steel metal tube and tinned copper wire meaning this cable can take the beating of everyday life and still look good as new. The cable also has some stretchability meaning you can get a little extra length from it.  

Not only does this cable charge your phone just like the Apple cable given when you buy a phone it also sync to your laptop allowing you to transfer files from your handset to your laptop in a very simple fashion. Want more Tech Energi trust their product so much they offer a lifetime warranty.

Overall Tech Energi has done a fantastic job so much so Apple should take notice and supply the Tech Energi charge/sync cable with every new phone its that good.  The Tech Energi team also provide cables for both Apple and Android and with prices starting from £14.99 it’s a must you get one of these cables.

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