Review: RevoNext RX8 In-Ear headphones

Stephen Watson
February 23, 2019

Available from for £21.98

RevoNext is a brand we are slowing getting to see more of here at What Mobile and in this review, we are looking at RX8. RevoNext is a Swedish audio company that in recent reviews we were happy with what we have seen

The RX8 offers one dynamic and one balanced armature driver that provides a quality sound. Packaging wise they are not even close to someone like 1more you simply get a white cardboard box with the headphone image printed. Pull the cardboard sleeve off and you greeted with a plastic cover showing off the earbuds. Under the packaging, you have the cable for the headphones and some different size eartips all made from silicone.  They come in 4 colours Red, Gray, Blue & black. They cost £21.98 from

They are budget headphones made of black plastic with a silver coloured disk in the middle. You are given an indicator at the top of the headphones as to which headphone is the left and which is the right. You will see two small pinhole sized vents for the dynamic driver. On the side is the connection point that you plug the cable in. RevoNext is the only brand I know of that does that.

The cable is a clear outer cable with a black inside the cable and both are a twisted style cable at the end of the cable you have two 2-pin connectors which have an L & R marking.

The earpieces have a low profile and are lightweight and I have used them for hours and they are comfortable and don’t cause any irritation. The design of the fit in the ear creates noise isolation which is good for headphones like these. Yes, you get a bit of sound leaking but you’re paying under £30 what do you expect.

The sound of these has a big bass that offers good definition with a smooth treble which is more for fun compared to those buying for audio power. The sub-bass provides some seriously intense bass when required.

When listening to some U2 the mids offer some impressive resolving ability that allows the upper bass to be smooth and provide rich vocals with plenty of vibrancy.

The downfall of these headphones is the treble it lacks sparkle and can be rather brutal when you have vocal heavy tracks compared to instrumental.

Overall, these headphones are basic in terms of sound quality but remember they cost under £30. However, if you are using them for simple instrumental music with no vocals such as a lot of the classical music I listen to then these offer great value.  

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