Review: Sudio FEM- True Wireless Earbuds

Stephen Watson
December 18, 2019

Sudio FEM True Wireless Earbuds – £103 via the Sudio website

Three weeks ago we were contacted by the Swedish audio company Sudio and asked if we would test out their new pair of true wireless earbuds named FEM.  So let’s see what these buds can do. After checking out this companies website they offer a wide range of audio products and its well worth checking out the range especially with Christmas coming up.

Design-wise these buds look great and on first impressions, they look very expensive. In fact, they only cost $139/£103 via the Sudio website they are in fact a pair of mid-range buds. When looking at the buds closely you will see a silicone finish bud that has that premium finish and available in black or white.

The buds also come in a circular charging case which is a nice change from the normal rectangular cases you get with most bud cases. This case also has a magnetic seal so the buds will not fall out of the case if you decide to hang the buds to your bag. I live in London this is not an option so I put these in my inside pocket and the circular design slipped into my inside jacket pocket with ease. Also in the box, you a USB-C cable, 18-month warranty card, quick set up guide, User manual, 1 Year Guarantee card and some different size ear tips.

The buds as mentioned have a silicone finish along with that moulded shape that fits very well in my ears. You will notice both the case and the buds are made from the same material adding to the constant high finish.

Sudio have decided to build all the controls in the touch button which each bud has one. The touch controls offer the following:

  • Tap once either side for play/pause music
  • Tap on the left bud twice to go back a track or tap twice on the right bud to skip forward a track.

Moving towards the features of the buds it comes with IPX5 rating meaning these headphones are water/sweat resistant so no need to worry about if you’re working out hard in the gym or you have been caught in the rain you can rest easy as your earbuds will be fine.

The battery life of the sudio fem’s are also quite impressive considering the cost. You get 6 hours of playtime and in the case you two additional full charges meaning you get 18 hours which for a pair of buds I would use either on the way to work or in the gym after work the battery life was very good. If you need to charge them up you are given a USB-C cable and it takes 90 minutes to fully charge. On the case you will notice 4 LED that is a indicator of the level of charge in the case:

  • 1 LED- 25%
  • 2 LED’s – 50%
  • 3 LED’s – 75% 
  • 4 LED’s – 100%

Moving onto what is important the sound quality and is as expected its mid-range quality. You get warm-sounding audio that as a focus on the mids and does have a deep base but depending what your listening to it can be a little bass-heavy and due to this, the vocals were a little affected. If you want to see these buds perform then listen to more acoustic tracks. When listening to that style of music the highs are detailed and delicate.

These buds also create a level of isolation is ok it removed 50% of outside noise but when travelling on the London underground I felt the buds could have removed more of the outside noise.

When using these buds for making calls they shine you get a crystal clear call quality and this is helped by the built-in microphones in the buds. However, there are a few negatives when you consider the controls. I was not keen with the way you have to tap the bud to do something like pause or change tracks. I found each tap would cause discomfort as each tap pushed the buds in my ear deeper. I also found getting the correct controls can be a challenge and after a while it just becomes annoying and you end up taking over the controls on your phone. 

So overall, the Sudio FEM are a decent alternative to the Apple Airpods for these on a budget.  The Sudio Fem’s are a great looking pair of earbuds with a great fit and a handy circular charge case that gives you a max of 18 hours of charge. The sound of these buds are also great but the isolation the buds create could be better. I also found the controls a little fiddly but you do get used to them after a while.

So go give the Sudio Fem a try and we at What Mobile look forward to seeing everything else this company has to offer in the future.

Sudio FEM True Wireless Earbuds – £103 via the Sudio website – Quote
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